China Southern Airlines (Changi Airport, Singapore to Incheon Airport, Seoul : Transit at Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou)

If you’re planning to travel cheap* on China Southern… don’t. The 100 odd more you’ll need to pay for a better airline is worth every single penny. Their planes make odd noises, which is worrying and your fellow passengers tend to be pretty inconsiderate, finding their feet on your seat when you’re still in it, hogging the chair dividers , etc.

On the bright side though, they are generous with their meals, supper comes as an actual meal complete with rice, meat and greens (great if you tend to get hungry on plane rides like Jung). Their flight attendants are also well-trained, polite and have an awesome sense of humor.

Even when a young Chinese lady made a huge noisy fuss about not knowing how to fill in the immigration form (we suspect she was just lazy) the attendant kept his cool. It came to a point where she insisted the pilot (we were taking off then) come down from the cockpit and fill it in for her. He gave her a befuddled look, and said he was genuinely puzzled that she didn’t know how to fill it in since there were Chinese words on the form (Haha! Kudos for not stooping to her level). Oh and she’s the same person who placed her feet on Jung’s seat. RAWR!

But unfortunately the positives don’t outweigh the concerns we had about passenger safety. There were also sudden delays and changes in itinerary we had to deal with, which was quite a hassle. Our 3-hour transit in Guangzhou on the trip back became a 15-hour layover and we had to spend cash on getting rooms in the transit hotel.

*We paid SGD 580 each after exchange rate conversion for our flights, which were booked on Orbitz.

Our itinerary and the last minute changes which left us scrambling to book a hotel in Guangzhou for the super long layover 😥


The flight schedule change only affected our return flight (phew!)

Zooming off,


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