Getting to Jeju Island (Eastarjet Booking Guide)

Hi all! Making plans to visit Jeju Island from mainland Korea? Read on to find out more!

There are two options available for travelling to Jeju Island from mainland Korea. You can choose to take a ferry or a plane. For our trip to Jeju, we wrestled between both choices and ultimately chose travelling by air over by sea. Some reasons why we chose travelling by air is that it is more convenient and it takes a shorter time which will save us some precious time.

However, one might face difficulty when trying to book air tickets prior to the trip so this guide is here to help! But first, just in case that you fail to secure your air tickets in time, here are some information regarding ferry travel to Jeju Island.

Ferry GuideYou can click here for a map of ferry routes that will allow you to travel to Jeju.

As a rule of thumb, one should always book early for flight tickets to avoid disappointment. The same applies for flights to Jeju, especially for weekends where tickets are usually booked way in advance!

Flights Guide
There are 7 airlines that provide domestic flights to Jeju Island. Korean Air and Asiana Airlines are more expensive as compared to the other low cost carriers. Nonetheless, here are the links to all of their booking pages.

Korean Air
Asiana Airlines
Jin Air
Air Busan
Jeju Air

We decided on Eastarjet in the end as they have timings which are more suitable for our itinerary and it also has one of the cheapest prices (yeah, we compared with all of the rest). However, we did find out that these prices depends on whether there are promotional prices or not.

So here’s a guide on how to book your tickets from EastarJet just like we did!

  1. Firstly, head over to EastarJet and set up an account with them (optional but highly recommended)!
  2. Next, select Flight Booking —> Reserve a flightImage
  3. Next, you can fill in the relevant travel information such as departure date, no. of pax etc. For budget travellers, you might want to check out the Special Fare Calendar button shown below. This will bring up the calendar which shows the cheapest tickets (Special fares) available for every month.A point to note is that these Special fares are not refundable and cannot be used with other discounts. Also, no name and itinerary changes are allowed. Most importantly, SPECIAL FARES ARE FOR MEMBERS ONLY!Image
  4. Select Continue and you will go to the next page to choose a flight. A common observation is that most early morning flights are fully booked for most dates hence once again, there is absolutely the need to book early and waaaaayyyy in advance!
    If you are unable to secure any Special Fares, you can opt for Discounted Fares or Normal Fares. Both of these fares are refundable and the only difference between them is that discounted fares are not to be used with any other discounts so do take note!

    booking 3

  5. After selecting your desired flight and agreeing to the conditions, you can proceed to fill up your traveller(s)’ information and select your mode of payment.
  6. An email will be sent to your mail after completing the booking!

I hope this guide will help some to book your desired tickets to Jeju!

The flight to Jeju takes about an hour or so and drinks (no meals are available for sale for domestic flights) are served free of charge onboard the Eastarjet flight that we took! This is a nice gesture considering that it is a low-cost carrier and drinks are usually not provided on such carriers. However, to our knowledge, all of these flights to Jeju do provide drinks for travellers onboard their planes (good hospitality by the Koreans, we suppose?)

On an additional note, there is a 15kg limit for check-in luggages for these domestic airlines and you can also bring on an additional cabin-size luggage!

Here are some pictures of the interior of the plane we took!

Space design on the interior is exquisite and makes us feel dreamy just sitting in the cabin

Cabins are brightly litted in the day

Eastarjet provides us a comfortable and satisfactory trip to Jeju Island. Their stewardesses are friendly (always greeting you with a big smile) and service standards are better than most low-cost carriers out there.

If you are heading to Jeju, why not give them a try?


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