Alive Museum (박물관은 살아있다) ~ Where images come to life

Okay so I know loads of people who wanna be “real travellers”, and balk at the idea of indulging in anything too commercial or touristy but this is one of those times you should totally make an exception!When Jung first told me that he wanted to go to the Trick Art Museum, I was like “You want us to go to a museum to take pictures with the pictures?!! That doesn’t sound like much fun!”. And as always when it comes to stuff like this, I eventually realize he’s right! Haha! 😉

Don’t you guys think the entrance looks like the museum in the movie “Night in the Museum”?

Auto Awesome on Google+ makes it look like I’ve morphed into his dad… or the other way round! Haha!Btw,  Jung stands at 1.87m, me at 1.5m and his dad is about 1.7m, awesome illusion yea?

Instead of going to the original Trick Art Museum, we visited the newer Alive Museum instead because it was nearer to where we were at that point in time and Jung didn’t fancy the long drive 😦 Oh, plus the owner at the place we stayed at recommended it as she mentioned that the original one was more run down and had less variety (but judging from the pictures I saw online, it doesn’t seem to be the case :)).

If you are wondering what “trick art” means, it refers to optical illusions. These are further enhanced by clever camera angles and some cropping, so you can look like you’re sky diving, hanging for your dear life off the edge of the building, getting dragged off by King Kong and more! Trust me it’s more fun than it sounds. Jung’s parents walked off without us and were bored at first but eventually they got really into it!

I’m doing up the finishing touches on Da Vinci’s masterpiece. Watcha looking at?!

I promise I won’t taste nice.

Firefighter Jung hanging bravely off a building.

Why do I keep getting dragged off to be eaten?

Someone’s scaling the rock climbing wall.

Jung living out his childhood dream… lol.

Oh no! The museum’s falling apart!

Trying out Spanish bullfighting for the first time haha!

Skydiving.. woopeeee!

Career change Jung?

Eh woman, where’s my paddle?

Oh look monster Barbie is now available for sale at $29.95, batteries not included.

This reminds me of the movie National Treasure.

Mirror illusion, cute or what?

Titanic – Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you…

Jung cheating on me (and looking might pleased with himself)… 😥

Hey Jung, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Take a look at what I’m made off.

Iirc, we visited the museum on a weekend, so it was crowded with quite a few Korean tourists and even some Singaporeans too. There was less than 2 hours to closing time, which we felt was plenty. But went we got in, there were so many awesome illusions to try that there simply wasn’t enough time! D’oh! The people there were really gracious though, getting out of your way so they don’t photobomb your pictures and not hogging the area, which was really great!

Also there’s a few motion activated portraits, which played musical instruments as you get closer and stop when you walk away. I took a really cute video of Jung fooling around with them but I didn’t upload it before my cellphone died on me and it was gone after I got it back from the service centre. ( T.T )

Towards the end there’s also these adorable doggy mascots, displayed around all this fairy tale village. Little girls will love them! There was also a French outdoor garden, which we didn’t visit, cos everyone was hungry and it didn’t look like much. 😡

Hey doggies, why aren’t you two looking into the camera?

We paid a total of KRW 36,000 for four of us, pretty affordable!

You can visit for more information.

Zooming off,Rach

Located at:
42 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo City
Tel: 064 805 0888
Open from 9 a.m to 7 p.m.
Tickets: Adults: 9,000 won, children: 8,000 won
(as for Jeju islanders or group, 1,000 won discount)


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